Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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Your photo sequences of the day

Click here.

Then click here.

Thank you, Xavier Sala-i-Martin. And thanks to Tyler Cowen for the links.

posted by Dan on 08.23.06 at 01:46 PM


Well, all you have to do now if you want to demonstrate the incompetence of government is to point at the present occupant of the White House. Maybe that will change in 2008.

posted by: Dan K on 08.23.06 at 01:46 PM [permalink]

I daresay that examples of idiocy on the part of occupants of the WH date back to when the WH was built.

This is unlikely to change in 2008 (not least because whoever will be the next occupant will not move in until Jan 20, 2009).

Obviously, as the common factor is the WH itself, therefore it is almost certainly the problem. ;-)

ps: more Selma Hayek!

posted by: rosignol on 08.23.06 at 01:46 PM [permalink]

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