Wednesday, August 30, 2006

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The lost act of Waiting for Godot

My diavlog with Mickey Kaus is now available at Among the topics discussed: Hezbollah, Ana Marie Cox's literary style, rational choice theory, Paris Hilton, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Kaus' declining stock as a pundit, sacred beliefs, immigration, Wal-Mart, and the best way to watch [Did you say Paris Hilton?--ed. Yes, click here if you want to jump to that part of the conversation.]

As for the title of this post, click here for an explanation.

UPDATE: Incidentally, here is the New York Times story on immigration that I discuss in the diavlog. What I say about the percentage of immigrants being Mexican is incorrect. I'm actually glad I'm wrong about this, I might add.

posted by Dan on 08.30.06 at 07:35 AM


Kaus is much more interesting as a writer than a talker.

posted by: James Joyner on 08.30.06 at 07:35 AM [permalink]

Listening to you and Micky Kaus talk about Hizbullah and the Middle East is like hearing Tom Cruise debate Matt Lauer about psychology.

Why don't you stick to trade policy or something you actually know something about? Or, at least, if you want to talk about the Middle East, stick to explaining Israel and leave the Arabs out of it. You try to put words and ideas into our heads and you are totally wrong on all counts. Kaus seems like a simple fool.

posted by: Joe m on 08.30.06 at 07:35 AM [permalink]

Reality TV stars are a good example of people who have become famous without money or talent.

posted by: Jacob on 08.30.06 at 07:35 AM [permalink]

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