Friday, September 1, 2006

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Talk about talking across generations....

I attended a panel today entitled, "Reconstituting Intellectual Power in the Academy: A Conversation Across Generations," in which one of the elder members of the panel said (roughly) the following:

You have to understand, when I was in school we all thought the U.S. government was corrupt and inefficient. We were all influenced by the Teapot Dome scandal.....

posted by Dan on 09.01.06 at 12:03 AM


Sometimes corrupt and ALWAYS inefficient--thank God!

posted by: Sam Grant on 09.01.06 at 12:03 AM [permalink]

Fans of C-Span will know that the Teapot Dome was just marched out in July when Senators objected to opening new areas of the Gulf of Mexico to offshore drilling. They cited Truman's criticism of a roughly similar plans that he had aired before the Americans for Democratic Action: "It makes the Teapot Dome look like small change...It's robbery in broad daylight!"

So does anyone have a review of this panel? It struck me as the easily the most interesting at the APSA conference. Lowi and Mearsheimer. Wish I could have gone.

posted by: tmikechicago on 09.01.06 at 12:03 AM [permalink]

The Teapot Dome Scandal occurred during the Harding administration circa 1922. Are there really people around today who grew up reacting to it? Wouldn't they be about a 100 years old?

posted by: daniel on 09.01.06 at 12:03 AM [permalink]

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