Tuesday, September 5, 2006

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Blogging's become respectable... what a drag

From today's Hotline Blogometer:

Looking at the top 10 most trafficked blogs, only DailyKos, Crooks and Liars, Michelle Malkin, and Instapundit started out as lone blogger-hobbyists. The other 6 (including The Huffington Post, The Corner, and Think Progress) are either planned business enterprises, outgrowths of existing MSM pubs, or online presences of otherwise established orgs. Many may have a romantic ideal of bloggers as loners mashing away at a keypad in their pajamas, but the biggest and best blogs all feature intelligent professionals, often with advanced degrees, commenting on issues at least tangentially related to their field of expertise. As these enterprises gain in influence and profitability, should we really be that surprised as they become more professional as well?
As one of those intelligent professionals with advanced degrees, my only regret is that I'm going to have to hear endless laments about how blogging was so much better during the early years... when it was about the music.

UPDATE: More evidence of blogger professionalization (link via ISN's blog).

posted by Dan on 09.05.06 at 02:15 PM


unless you were being intentionally humorous

posted by: boba fett on 09.05.06 at 02:15 PM [permalink]

"As one of those intelligent professionals". Not letting tenure go to your head, are you?

posted by: Matt on 09.05.06 at 02:15 PM [permalink]

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