Friday, September 15, 2006

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If only Dubai Ports World could somehow run our ports

I'll just file this announcement from Dubai Ports World under "irony" and move on:

DP World, a leading global marine terminal operator, has become the first global company in the transport and logistics industry to gain certification to an international standard for its security management systems and operations. Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), an independent international certification body, has audited DP World for compliance with the international standard ISO/PAS 28000:2005 at both the corporate head office in Dubai, UAE, and its chosen site, Djibouti Container Terminal....

As a consequence of DP World’s adoption and implementation of the standard, its network of ports will have the ability to effectively implement mechanisms and processes to address any security vulnerabilities at strategic and operational levels, as well as establish preventive action plans. All terminals will also be required to continually assess security measurements in place to both protect its business interests and ensure compliance with international regulatory requirements such as the ISPS Code and other international supply chain security initiatives. The standard will complement all international security legislative codes DP World already conforms to at its terminals.

Hat tip: Michael Levi.

posted by Dan on 09.15.06 at 07:28 PM



Nice catch, Dan. No one ever made the case of how we'd be any safer without DP World, and now we have proof.

posted by: Frank Bruno on 09.15.06 at 07:28 PM [permalink]

As a software engineer who has worked in a supposedly ISO 9000 certified environment, all I can say is these "international standards" mean less than jack.

posted by: Marc on 09.15.06 at 07:28 PM [permalink]

Agreed. ISO is a paperchase.

posted by: Adam on 09.15.06 at 07:28 PM [permalink]

Self-congratulatory bureaucratic masturbation.

posted by: save_the_rustbelt on 09.15.06 at 07:28 PM [permalink]

It was just ignorance with a fine glaze of racism on top, that's all.

posted by: perianwyr on 09.15.06 at 07:28 PM [permalink]

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