Thursday, October 26, 2006

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Blegging for stapler advice

In the process of moving to Fletcher, I received the standard allotment of office supplies -- printer paper, binder clips, highlighters.... and a f*&@ing stapler that can't seem to staple more that fifteen f#$%ing pages together without self-destructing!!!!

Sorry. This has been an ongoing problem for me -- I need a stapler that can reliable staple up to 40 pages with a miimum of fuss.

Sophisticated market research suggests that readers of work in an office environment, and therefore might be able to help me.

So, please, before I turn into this guy -- what's the best stapler out there?

posted by Dan on 10.26.06 at 10:07 AM


Why are you still using paper?

No paper, no staples, no stapler. Send whomever it is a PDF.

posted by: Arthur on 10.26.06 at 10:07 AM [permalink]

What you want is this baby here:

It's the Swingline 2-60 stapler. Up to 60 sheets with one staple size.

Of course, you can visit Swingline's site and order a stapler that will get you 120 sheets or more.

posted by: James on 10.26.06 at 10:07 AM [permalink]

I have one of these (Stanley-Bostitch Personal High-Capacity Stapler), and I highly recommend it. The stated maximum on it is 60 sheets, although I think I've used it to staple more than that. I love it because it's designed for leverage--I'm a fairly petite woman, and I can staple 60 sheets without having to stand up and lean my entire weight on the thing.

posted by: JMB on 10.26.06 at 10:07 AM [permalink]

Sounds like you need an easy button. :-)

posted by: David Pinto on 10.26.06 at 10:07 AM [permalink]

Swingline Heavy Duty Stapler (Stock # 39005).
Always works and in event of an office invasion you could club someone to death with it.

posted by: Steve on 10.26.06 at 10:07 AM [permalink]

This PaperPro High Capacity Stapler works 5-60 pages. And its easy to use. I am sure your University like mine has some contract set up with an office supply place to order from so that may limit your options.

posted by: Joe M on 10.26.06 at 10:07 AM [permalink]

Yet more evidence that the freedom inherent in blogging encourages exposure of moronic musings best left cloistered. Stapler advice? I guess in some horribly misguided way it was intended to be funny - but that just underscores the lameness of academics. Here's some advice Dan: buy the biggest most expensive stapler on the shelf and everything will work out just fine.

posted by: All Fist on 10.26.06 at 10:07 AM [permalink]

What used to be the standard stapler and staple are now high end...the "standard stuff" now is crap. At home, I purchased an old fashioned big steel Swingline...but also make sure to get what are now heavy duty staples.

posted by: Ed C. on 10.26.06 at 10:07 AM [permalink]

James is right, that is an excellent high-capacity stapler. I use that one, plus a regular Swingline desktop for just a few sheets. And it is wicked important to get the best staples you can - "Premium" I think they call them. It makes a huge difference.

Meta: WTF is it with the hating on stapler-talk? If you think it's petty, then what do you call spending your time meta-commenting about it? Busted. Anyway, staplers are tools like any other, and I use good ones.

posted by: Guest on 10.26.06 at 10:07 AM [permalink]

Make sure that you're stapling with the stapler resting firmly on a stable surface. If you're squeezing the stapler in your hand, or stapling on a wobbly or flimsy surface, it won't work as well.

posted by: Tom T. on 10.26.06 at 10:07 AM [permalink]

Get an electric stapler. May not be necessary for small jobs, but if you ever have to do a mass mailing, it's wonderful.

posted by: Annette on 10.26.06 at 10:07 AM [permalink]

Why do I have visions of this:

posted by: Simstim on 10.26.06 at 10:07 AM [permalink]

Also suggest getting one of those wicked stapler removers that have claws and which you'd never be allowed to carry through airline security.

(Sheesh, I'm gonna start an airline that goes point-to-point, scans baggage, and arms the passengers to the teeth.)

posted by: tzs on 10.26.06 at 10:07 AM [permalink]

You need more than one stapler. Obviously the stapler that works well for a few pages isn't going to work for forty pages and vice versa. Two staplers and probably two different sizes of staples. Jeez.

posted by: staplerman on 10.26.06 at 10:07 AM [permalink]

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