Wednesday, November 15, 2006

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The sort of news story that keeps me up at night

This New York Times story by Robert Worth has very little good news in it:

More than 700 Islamic militants from Somalia traveled to Lebanon in July to fight alongside Hezbollah in its war against Israel, a United Nations report says. The militia in Lebanon returned the favor by providing training and through its patrons Iran and Syria weapons to the Islamic alliance struggling for control of Somalia, it adds.

The report, which was disclosed by Reuters on Monday, appears to be the first indication that foreign fighters assisted Hezbollah during the 34-day conflict, when Israel maintained a tight blockade on Lebanon.

The report also says Iran sought to trade arms for uranium from Somalia to further its nuclear ambitions, though it does not say whether Iran succeeded.

The 86-page report was issued by four experts monitoring violations of a 1992 United Nations arms embargo on Somalia, which was put in place after the country lapsed into civil war and remains in effect. The report is to be discussed Friday at the Security Council.

posted by Dan on 11.15.06 at 09:23 AM


No, the type of story that keeps me up at night are the ones of the USA and Israel sanctioning and killing innocent people, stealing their land and forcing them to live in giant cages, installing puppet governments that act against the interests of their societies, and sparking civil wars because they (USA and Israel) think their immediate interests are more important then anything else happens. 700 Somalies is nothing compared to the epic violence that the USA and Israel have rained down on the Middle East. I bet 1 American bomb, dropped by the Israeli Air Force, killed more poeple and did more harm then all 700 Somalies.

Plus, I will add, the obvious point that your bias and contempt for the Middle East shows (as well as that of the NY Times) in that you neglected to blog about this little point:
"Ethiopia and Eritrea are named as the biggest violators of the arms embargo in Somalia, where there has not been a proper government for more than 15 years."

Hizbullah and Iran have every right to defend themselves against American and Israeli domination. And it is not funny that you clearly don't give a damn about the suffering in Somalia, but are scared out of your boots about the invented threat of Iran and Hizbullah.

I will just add to the record this excellent interview with Scott Ritter and Sy Hersh (both of whom were 100% right about the Iraq war, while you and all you racist, "security"-minded friends were 100% wrong. actually, more then wrong, idiotic).

What really pisses me off about your views is that you take the killing and destructiong of Arabs, Muslims and their societies as normal and acceptable, but THREATS to the USA and Israel, even if they are percieved and not real are the source of unbelievable outrage and fear. It is stupid. you have no shame.

It is LIKE if I were a Nazi complaining about Jewish control of the world, as I destroyed everything Jewish and rained mass destruction on the world.

Get a grip on yourself. You are not the center of the world and other people are suffering much more then you. not to mention, they are often suffering at the hands of people like you!

posted by: Joe M. on 11.15.06 at 09:23 AM [permalink]

Nothing but "birth pangs" of a more peaceful Middle East...

posted by: KenS on 11.15.06 at 09:23 AM [permalink]

Freedom of movement of goods, services, people and capital - what's not to like?

posted by: ajay on 11.15.06 at 09:23 AM [permalink]

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