Thursday, January 4, 2007

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More bloggingheads goodness

My latest bloggingheads duet is with Eric Alterman. In a stunning new visual effect, I wear my glasses. We discuss:

1) Gerald Ford's "when I die" interviews (in which Eric and I confuse the Pueblo and Mayaguez debacles);

2) Why pundits stink (in which Eric does not forgive Andrew Sullivan);

3) The end of Big Liberalism in domestic policy (in which Eric surprises me by sounding positively Clintonian)

4) Grand strategy, redux (in which I make a heartfelt apology)

Adults over 21, here's a fun drinking game to play while watching -- take a shot whenever Eric or I pimp our own work!! [Why can't they take a shot every time you say "you know"?--ed. Because their livers would explode.]

posted by Dan on 01.04.07 at 08:43 AM


I'm confused. Why was Eric Alterman being debated by Bob Saget?

posted by: Polybius on 01.04.07 at 08:43 AM [permalink]

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