Monday, January 8, 2007

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This is every academic's secret nightmare

After reading the headline, "Gas-Like Odor Permeates Parts of New York City," I was convinced that my secret fear had come true.

You see, at this very moment I have an article manuscript that's being edited by someone in New York City. Clearly, I thought (OK, not so clearly), my work has become so bad that the metaphorical has become literal. It's my fault!! MINE!!.

[Get your head out of your narcissistic ass!--ed. Thank you, I needed that.]

Surfing the web on the story, the most interesting tidbit I found was in Nathan Thornburgh's story at

New York, of course, has had its share of mystery aromas, big and small. In 2005, an odd maple syrup smell overcame parts of Manhattan and New Jersey. Last August, an unidentified odor sent people to the hospital in Staten Island and Queens.
I kind of like the idea of maple syrup wafting through my town.

posted by Dan on 01.08.07 at 07:09 PM


Now that you're a Bostonian, you surely have heard of the Great Molasses Flood. It's not quite maple syrup, but...

posted by: cure on 01.08.07 at 07:09 PM [permalink]

"I kind of like the idea of maple syrup wafting through my town."

Yah, until your mind starts to consider the kinds of things that may give off an "odd maple syrup smell."

posted by: Saxdrop on 01.08.07 at 07:09 PM [permalink]

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