Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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"The next year of the war could be bloody"

Comment away here on the President's speech tonight, in which, according to the Washington Post's Michael Abramowitz and Robin Wright, "President Bush will announce this evening that he is sending 21,500 additional U.S. troops to Iraq and will warn Americans that the next year of the war could be bloody as U.S. and Iraq forces confront sectarian militias and seek to quell the Sunni Muslim insurgency."

Here's a link to the NSC slide show report that apparently summarizes Bush's own Iraq Strategy Review.

I've filed this under "politics" rather than "foreign policy" for reasons proffered earlier today.

posted by Dan on 01.10.07 at 08:12 PM


Hard to beat Power Line's opinion of Bush's speech:

"...stiff, nervous, and anxious to get it over with."

posted by: alphie on 01.10.07 at 08:12 PM [permalink]

Thats exactly how I would describe my feelings about the remaining 2 years of this presidency.

posted by: BobJones on 01.10.07 at 08:12 PM [permalink]

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