Thursday, January 11, 2007

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Opinio Juris scores a (perfectly legal) coup

The international law blog Opinio Juris announces what I believe to be a first -- an executive branch official openly participating in a blog:

Opinio Juris is very pleased to announce that John Bellinger will be guest blogging with us for the week of January 15. As our readers well know, Bellinger is the State Department Legal Adviser, the top lawyer at the Department of State. In that capacity he is the principal adviser on all domestic and international law matters to the Department of State, the Foreign Service, and the diplomatic and consular posts abroad. Full details of his bio are available here.

The format will be as follows. Bellinger will post six posts over the course of next week. The discussion will begin on Monday morning with an introduction to the Legal Adviserís office, and then turn to substantive discussions of the treatment of detainees, international humanitarian law, and sovereign immunity.

UPDATE: Another first for bloggers.

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