Monday, January 15, 2007

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Personally, I'm voting for option A

What does it mean that, when I contemplate the fact that today is Martin Luther King Day, I can't stop thinking about the first three minutes of this clip from Blazing Saddles?:

A) I have bizarre sense of humor;

B) It underscores Seth Mnookin's point that, "[It's] twenty-nine years after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr…and we still can’t talk openly and honestly about race." UPDATE: Wow, I am old. it's been thirty-nine years since the MLK assassination.

C) All of the above

D) None of the Above

posted by Dan on 01.15.07 at 02:57 PM


You and Seth are getting old, Dan; it's been quite a bit more than 29 years since MLK was killed! We've had an MLK day for almost 29 years.

posted by: kevin on 01.15.07 at 02:57 PM [permalink]

What a funny age mistake. While Dan's a couple years older than I am, he's still too young to have been born when it happened. There are some events that I have a very clear awareness happened BIWB (before I was born), and this is one of them. I wouldn't be able to say off-hand how many years it had been (I'd have to subtract) but I think I'd know that any N

posted by: Jacob T. Levy on 01.15.07 at 02:57 PM [permalink]

Re: Seth Mnookin

How much is there to say about race? Please give specifics.

posted by: Alan K. Henderson on 01.15.07 at 02:57 PM [permalink]

Maybe I should word that better: what race issues still exist?

No, I'm not implying they don't. I just want to see them listed in one spot to get an idea of whether Mnookin is right that we dont' talk about race all that much.

The Sharpton-Jackson wing talks about race a lot, and a lot of it involves bogus accusations of racism.

posted by: Alan K. Henderson on 01.15.07 at 02:57 PM [permalink]

Speaking of how old we are, I just happened coincidentally to have this computation at hand as I read your post: it has been 38 years and 288 days since King was shot in Memphis. Follow the link if you'd like some SAS code to compute your own personal MLK day -- your own personal holiday observance for the day on which you turn the age that King was when he died.

posted by: parke on 01.15.07 at 02:57 PM [permalink]

In a interview a year or two ago Mel Brooks said he couldn't make Blazing Saddles today due to political correctness at the studios - is that progress?

Bill Cosby gets slapped around for talking about race issues, so it is incumbent on white folks to stay out of the conversation, which is unfortunate.

posted by: save_the_rustbelt on 01.15.07 at 02:57 PM [permalink]

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