Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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This blog post brought to you by Peyton Manning

My latest diavlog -- with Matthew Yglesias -- is now online. Obsessive fans of danieldrezner.com will delight in the fact that my "studio" has moved to my Fletcher office.

Among the topics discussed -- Iraq, what we thought about Iraq in 2003, Iran, Bush's grand strategy, the 2008 campaign, and the inevitable Peyton Manning endorsement for bloggingheads.

posted by Dan on 01.23.07 at 09:04 AM


much improved studio

posted by: Moses on 01.23.07 at 09:04 AM [permalink]

Before we march on Tehran, it might be useful to understand what Ahmadinejad actually said. According to Prof. Cole, who speaks Farsi, it was that Israel should be removed from the pages of history. This is apparently the Persian equivalent of the marxist's dustbin. The means of removal mentioned was one man one vote in the Holy Land. Equal numbers of Jews and Arabs vote, poof no more Zionism.

The "wipe out" threat universaly sited seems to have risen from the reporter/translator transfering American eliminationist thoughts onto an obscure Farsi phrase.

Ahmadinejad is an Iranian politician working to increase Iran's influence among the Gulf Arabs. Taking the hardline Arabs position on Israel is his way of kicking the Arabian Royals in the nads. Does he give two cents for Palestine? We do not know and will probably never find out.

posted by: Bill D on 01.23.07 at 09:04 AM [permalink]

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