Sunday, February 4, 2007

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Reflections on the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLI is in the books, and the Colts won. A few thoughts on the game and broadcast:

1) It's déjà vu in reverse. This game was the mirror image of Super Bowl XXXIV (Rams-Titans). That game had a plodding first half and then an exciting ending. The first quarter of this game was blink-or-you'll-miss-it highlights, followed by the slow grinding of the Bears into inferiority.

2) So I'm thinking the summer blockbuster movies this year are gonna stink. Independence Day. Men In Black. Spider-Man. Hell, even Van Helsing had a preview shown at the Super Bowl. I didn't catch every ad, but the only movies I saw previewed were Hannibal Rising (blech) and Pride. Where are the friggin' previews?

3) The wrong man won the MVP trophy. Manning managed the game well, but Colts center Jeff Saturday managed the line of scrimmage even better. I hadn't seen many teams run up the gut of the Bears as well as the Colts did -- plus the pass protection was excellent. This was the perfect game to award an offensive lineman -- and Saturday was the key guy on that line.

4) Was it just me, or did Prudential's admen screw up? OK, I'm a foreign policy wonk, so maybe it was just me, but did anyone else hear the Prudential ad "What Can A Rock Do?" and think the phrase "a rock" sound like a country in the Middle East currently experiencing some turmoil? Watch the ad with that thought, and, well... it's a wee bit off.

On the other hand, I though this ad was the best of the lot:
Most important -- less than two weeks before pitchers and catchers report.

posted by Dan on 02.04.07 at 11:01 PM


I saw that Coke commercial at the movie theater several weeks ago. Pretty cool.

posted by: Alan K. Henderson on 02.04.07 at 11:01 PM [permalink]

Oh,baseball. Please!

posted by: JohnF on 02.04.07 at 11:01 PM [permalink]

I agree with your MVP assessment. The MVP voting should have gone as such:

1. Joseph Addai / Dominic Rhodes as co-MVPs.
2. Colts Defense
3. Offensive line / Peyton Manning's playcalling

posted by: Klug on 02.04.07 at 11:01 PM [permalink]

"But he's got an axe!" was better, IMHO. The Coke joke went flat pretty quickly.

posted by: Anderson on 02.04.07 at 11:01 PM [permalink]

I made the same observation as you did regarding Prudential. I am glad I was not the only one.

posted by: Joe M on 02.04.07 at 11:01 PM [permalink]

Yup, same here - I even said out loud:
"Iraq can bankrupt a superpower" Only one other person at the party got it, so we are a bit of a rare breed...
Oh, and then the front page of today's WSJ was 'war spending, not really a problem.'

posted by: Drew on 02.04.07 at 11:01 PM [permalink]

There is a big feud over at Althouse about a NYTimes story that argued that basically all of the ads in the Super Bowl had an Iraq war subtext.

The "violent" ads were a subconscious reflection of our unease with the violence in Iraq.

The "happy" ads were a reflection of classic ads from the early 70s that brought a message of peace to a country divided by war.

The words "Iraq" could be heard in the phrase "a rock" in the Prudential commercial.

Improvised explosive devices could be seen on the sidelines during the actual game.

Dick Cheney did a great job quarterbacking for the Colts until he threw an interception that was picked off by Donald Rumsfeld.

In his MVP acceptance speech Muqtada al-Sadr claimed that his militia would renew its attacks.

posted by: Adam on 02.04.07 at 11:01 PM [permalink]

You forgot to mention Terrell Owens' detention at Guantanamo.

posted by: Alan K. Henderson on 02.04.07 at 11:01 PM [permalink]

I was really impressed by the Emerald Nuts ad, which explained a number of strange incidents that have plagued my office recently.

Memos have been eaten, plants placed on chairs, and "The Impossible Dream" inserted into people's voicemail greetings. I was sure I saw Robert Goulet running across the ceiling just the other day around 3:00 in the afternoon, but everyone said I was crazy. Now I realize that my whole office suffers from cashew deficiency. Of course when I explained that the answer to our mystery was cashews the response I got was "gesundheit!" It's just amazing how willing people are to ignore a serious business problem like Robert Goulet ransacking the office in the middle of the afternoon, just to get a cheap laugh.

I also liked the Taco Bell talking lions debating whether the exaggerated NPR style pronouncation of Spanish words is appropriate for ordering fast food.

posted by: Zathras on 02.04.07 at 11:01 PM [permalink]

You really haven't looked at the summer lineup of movies yet have you?:
Spider Man 3
Shrek 3
Pirates 3
Harry Potter (#)
The 300
American Gangster
Will Farrell does ice skating

Just off the top of my head.

posted by: Ted on 02.04.07 at 11:01 PM [permalink]

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