Wednesday, February 7, 2007

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We all have our passions... and side-hobbies to those passions

Longtime readers of the Turkmenbashi of the Blogosphere know that your humble omniscient, omnipresent, provider-of-all-that-is-good-and-true blogger is a fan of the Boston Red Sox.

However, that also prompts the occasional side-hobby to fuel that passion. For me, that now includes egging Seth Mnookin on anytime I read something that contradicts Mnookin's excellent reportage in Feeding The Monster.

This is a roundabout way of linking to this Mnookin post to see his response to this Scott Boras interview in the Boston Herald. Let's just say Boras' account of Johnny Damon's departure from the Red Sox conflicts with Mnookin's account.

[Er... does Scott Boras really fit in with the other totalitarian dictators you're blogging about today?--ed] How dare you try to edit the Turkmenbashi of the Blogosphere!!

posted by Dan on 02.07.07 at 10:33 AM


Shouldn't that be "Blogmenbashi"? I mean, that's a pithier phrase, and without the last letter could be used to name the next bloggers' conference you attend. It would probably get you involved in a time-consuming discussion over whether the appropriate phrase isn't really "Blogpersonbashi," which is admittedly a potential drawback. I'm just trying to lay out all the options.

posted by: Zathras on 02.07.07 at 10:33 AM [permalink]

Hey Dan, I wouldn't aspire to be the new Turkenmanbshi if I were you. You'll face major dissent from the citizens of Dreznerville, the blog,and the U., and not to mention, you'll have to have a couple of statues erected of your image, and that costs big bucks. Just keep on being your dear self. By the way, I think you got onto this whole dictators thing through my flickr group, credit where it's due please Dictators.

posted by: aunt Robin on 02.07.07 at 10:33 AM [permalink]

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