Wednesday, February 14, 2007

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So how's the global war on terror going?
The Center for American Progress, in concert with Foreign Policy magazine, has released survey results of "more than 100 of America's top foreign-policy hands" to see how they think the administration's anti-terrorism efforts are going. [Um... doesn't "they" includes "you"?--ed. Yeah, but I can't call myself a "top foreign-policy hand" without breaking into spontaneous giggles, so I think that just demonstrates a lack of bench strength in American foreign policy circles.]

As that top graph suggests, most of us aren't sanguine. Click here for the whole report. Or, if that whole reading thing bugs you, here is a YouTube video of CAP's Caroline Wadhams explaining it for you:

[Yeah, but the CAP is a left-wing think tank!!--ed. If you click here and scroll down to "Survey Particpants", you can find a complete list of those surveyed -- judge for yourself whether the list is skewed.]

posted by Dan on 02.14.07 at 10:23 AM


I don't know about the War on Terror, but is the world *really* a more dangerous place now, or are we just realizing it's a very dangerous place. That is, was the world truly safer in, say 1997 than now? By what measure? If we had just sucked it up and said, "Now cut that out!" /JackBenny voice off after 9/11 would the world be safer? By what measure?

I'm a bit dubious here.

posted by: JorgXMcKie on 02.14.07 at 10:23 AM [permalink]

New York City is safer than it was on 9/11.

posted by: Alan K. Henderson on 02.14.07 at 10:23 AM [permalink]

What a list! No Babs, Penn, Albright, Pants Berger, however, I did see Ashton Kutcher. Sorry it's Carter. One might suggest that professionally speaking, It might be better to have been omitted. That is unless you are vying for a job in the next Clinton Admin.

Besides, I have it on good authority from my highly nuanced neighbor,while not a foreign relations expert he is quite mechanically proficient, that we are definitely safer. Why you ask. Airport security checkers are so on top of things that not only were his size 11 1/2s checked, but also the baby shoes of his 8 month old grandson. I suggested that this was a blatant example of profiling, but my more nuanced neighbor assured me they also checked baby girls shoes.

posted by: J Perulfi on 02.14.07 at 10:23 AM [permalink]

Wow! Reading that blows my mind. These are our foreign policy experts? I cannot take the report seriously when 1% of them believe that the USA is the country most likely to transfer nuclear technology to terrorists and 10% believe the USA is the most dangerous government in the world! (from page 7). How can you read this and consider it anything more than trash?

posted by: Bernie on 02.14.07 at 10:23 AM [permalink]

I guess that explains all that terrorism with the mass deaths that the U.S. has been experiencing in the last 5 years!

posted by: Alain on 02.14.07 at 10:23 AM [permalink]

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