Wednesday, February 14, 2007

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Where is your liberaltarian God now?

That's the question I ask Brink Lindsey in my latest duet. Other topics covered include whether Barack Obama is the next Ross Perot, the inequality debate, the globalization of populism, and why trade talks are stalled.

Also, my wife makes a cameo appearance, and I provide a sneak preview of my next book, All Politics Is Global.

posted by Dan on 02.14.07 at 12:25 PM


Obama's ears are big enough for him to be the next Ross Perot. But of course what he wants to be is the next John F. Kennedy, as the great majority of all Democratic Presidential candidates since 1968 have also. As far as Democratic Party politics are concerned, Obama is no rebel; he would take the party just as it is as long as it nominates him.

The culture of entitlement that dominates Washington generally and strongly influences the Democratic Party especially in national politics could be in 2008 what the deficit and Washington gridlock were for Perot in 1992, for a candidate willing to attack it now as Perot attacked Washington then. Before 2007 is done we may see a candidate doing just that; the candidate might be a Democrat (though I'm not sure it would have to be) but it isn't going to be Obama.

posted by: Zathras on 02.14.07 at 12:25 PM [permalink]

Obama will be the next Perot if he's ever on record calling the national debt the "crazy aunt in the basement."

posted by: Alan K. Henderson on 02.14.07 at 12:25 PM [permalink]

Drez, I caught you on Bloggingheads yesterday--absolutely brilliant to have your wife call you in the middle to tell her you love her live on camera. Beautiful, I wish I'd thought of that.

posted by: spliff on 02.14.07 at 12:25 PM [permalink]

Great product placement, Dan.

It was so subtle, I almost missed it.

Dunno, next time perhaps wear it on your head?

posted by: SteveMG on 02.14.07 at 12:25 PM [permalink]

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