Saturday, February 17, 2007

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Yes, it's the golden age of 80's music-video spoofs

First, there was Justin Timberlake's "D**k in a Box" on Saturday Night Live:

Now, there's Hugh Grant's "PoP! Goes My Heart" from Music and Lyrics:
Clearly, this is the golden age of music video spoofs. Everyone just sit back and enjoy our cultural crest.

My only complaint is that so far this trend has only covered boy bands. I'd like to see someone like Sarah Silverman spoof a Madonna video (though this one comes close).

posted by Dan on 02.17.07 at 04:36 PM


Love it, funny stuff.

posted by: Scof on 02.17.07 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

Also boy bands, but just wanted to make sure you'd also seen the Stephen Colbert 80s video parody as well.

posted by: Greg Sanders on 02.17.07 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

For female 80's spoofs, there's always How I Met Your Mother.

posted by: Scott on 02.17.07 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

I guess you are too young to remember "Dare to be Truthful." There's an entire movie devoted to spoofing Madonna.

posted by: Norman Pfyster on 02.17.07 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

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