Friday, March 9, 2007

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Born to blog

The Opening Day starter for the Boston Red Sox, Curt Schilling, now has a blog. In his first week, he's already moved down the learning curve, following David Pinto's advice and introducing much-needed line breaks into his posts.

Sports fans love or hate Schilling. To the haters, he's an egomaniac who cannot and will not shut up -- particularly if he's talking about himself. To the admirers, Schilling has always walked the walk (see: sock, bloody) in pressure situations, a very rare commodity in professional sports. Perusing his posts to date, I would advise non-sports fans and even casual sports fans to ignore it. However, for baseball fanatics, there's lots of good stuff.

From his first post, I have a hunch that Schilling intuitively gets the blog thing:

Iíve never been a yes/no kind of guy, which probably hasnít been received well by some. I donít know that Iíll be changing my style, but I do know that getting ripped for something I say here will be getting ripped for something I actually saidĖwith the entire contents of my comments included.

Thatís not to say Iíll be preaching from the pulpitĖfar from it. Being a major league baseball player does not give me keen insight into politics, education, or anything else for that matter. It does give me insight and knowledge about baseball, about being part of a team, about excelling at something not many people can. Beyond that my thoughts and beliefs are my own and for the most part pretty normal.

The truth is, Iíve been wrong as many times, if not more, than Iíve been right in my life. I guess thatís part of the human package, something that makes me every bit as prone to mistakes as anyone. Like every other male on the planet I think Iím well informed on a lot of things, which usually lasts until I run into someone else who thinks heís well informed but has a different opinion.

Fortunately, I have zero problems being wrong. I donít intend to make mistakes but it happens, which is part of the learning curve of life. Iím prone to having quick reactions which, in the world of baseball and media coverageĖeven when you might be rightĖcan make you wrong.

Unless you're willing to be wrong -- really, badly wrong -- you'll never make it as a blogger.

UPDATE: Seth Mnookin also thinks Schilling has the chops to blog.

posted by Dan on 03.09.07 at 09:57 AM


Thanks for the link!

posted by: David Pinto on 03.09.07 at 09:57 AM [permalink]

Interesting that the Schilling Blog appears to be a REAL blog, i.e. not part of the corporate monolith, increasing the potential that he'll actually say something INTERESTING (and that he's writing it rather than his agent's intern).

posted by: adr on 03.09.07 at 09:57 AM [permalink]

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