Monday, March 19, 2007

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How is China's media reporting on Zimbabwe?

There's been a spot of trouble in Zimbabwe's autocracy as of late. I wonder how media outlets in non-democratic regimes are covering this trouble?

From the People's Daily Online:

The Zimbabwe government will not sit back and watch the opposition perpetrating "terrorist attacks" on innocent citizens while authorities are also geared to stamp out domestic violence, which accounted for 60 percent of Zimbabwe's murder cases, President Robert Mugabe has said.

Speaking at a ceremony to commemorate the International Women's Day in Harare on Saturday, Mugabe said authorities would not tolerate lawlessness and violence must stop, The Sunday Mail reported.

Mugabe was quoted by the newspaper as saying: "We have given too much room to mischief makers and shameless stooges of the West. Let them and their masters know that we shall brook none of their lawless behavior."

Mugabe made the remarks in the wake of acts of violence, which the opposition MDC unleashed, in different centers across the country last week.

I can only hope that the honorable people's government in Zimbabwe crushes the treacherous curs of the MDC to promote peace, order and social justice for all [Snap out of it!!--ed. C'mon, I don't get to use "treacherous curs" in daily parlance all that often.]

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While guest-blogging for Dan and a couple of other bloggers in 2005 and 2006 I had occasion to review the English-language coverage by Arab media outlets of the Darfur genocide. A surprising amount of it consisted of reprints from Xinhua, and most of these were dominated by quotes from Sudanese government officials.

I wonder if Tom Friedman would call this another step forward for globalization. Whenever the Soviets wanted to suppress a subject people they relied on in-house propaganda organs like Pravda; today, an Arab government intent on genocide or an African dictator seeking to crush domestic opposition can outsource the propaganda function to the Chinese.

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