Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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Socrates' teaching evaluations
This class on philosophy was really good, Professor Socrates is sooooo smart, I want to be just like him when I graduate (except not so short). I was amazed at how he could take just about any argument and prove it wrong....

Socrates is a real drag, I don't know how in hell he ever got tenure. He makes students feel bad by criticizing them all the time. He pretends like he's teaching them, but he's really ramming his ideas down student's throtes. He's always taking over the conversation and hardly lets anyone get a word in....

I learned a lot in this class, a lot of things I never knew before. From what I heard from other students, Professor Socrates is kind of weird, and at first I agreed with them, but then I figured out what he was up to. He showed us that the answers to some really important questions already are in our minds.

Click here to read the rest of them.

posted by Dan on 03.21.07 at 09:13 AM


Pretty funny evaluations, especially the last one about him stealing his ideas from the African people. Do you have any personal opinions on them?

posted by: Zxylophone on 03.21.07 at 09:13 AM [permalink]

They'd all be right, too. You would learn a lot from hanging around Socrates but his method would annoy you to hell.

posted by: hydralisk on 03.21.07 at 09:13 AM [permalink]

How quaint that the author if the Chronicle article believes that student evaluations can make or break a professor. I've taught now at 5 different colleges universities. Student evaluations were conducted at all of them, and at several some attention was even paid to the numerical portion of the evaluations. But in no case did anyone other than the professor actually see the student comments.

posted by: Genore on 03.21.07 at 09:13 AM [permalink]

Professor Socrates is a great expert in the field but his ideas are outmoded. It is sad that the tenure system keeps people entrenched so they don't have to change with the times, and incorporate new developments. I enjoyed the intro course I had with him, but I wouldn't bother to take any advanced work with him, or ask him to be on my thesis committee.

posted by: John Fast on 03.21.07 at 09:13 AM [permalink]

Socrates spent a lot of time rambling on about esoteric stuff that wasn't on the exam. He had no apparent grading policy, so you wouldn't know how to prepare. For non-majors it just isn't clear how any of this will help with getting into grad school.

posted by: STS on 03.21.07 at 09:13 AM [permalink]

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