Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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Just a typical Patriot's Day game at Fenway

A little comedy to cope with yesterday's tragedy. The following incident occurred at the Patriot's Day game between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Angels of Aneheim:

This clip has been in rotation on ESPN for the past day. But kudos to the Boston Herald's John Tomase, who actually tracked down those involved to get at the root causes of the incident:
Jason Sole just wanted to catch a foul ball. Matt Madore was merely trying to eat some pizza....

It turns out Sole had given them grief about having a large pizza in the stands just moments before the at-bat. He wanted to know where they got it.

“He turned around and said something like, ‘Your mother,’ ” Sole said.

“No,” interjected [Sole's girlfriend, Anya] Ho. “He said, ‘The pizzeria.’ ”

Either way, all parties were annoyed.

“They had been giving us (expletive) about it,” Madore said. “Next thing I know, there’s a fly ball to left field and it goes foul and my buddy says, ‘You want some pizza now?’ And he hits him right in the face. Hey, the guy wasn’t paying attention. When you’re in the stands you’ve got to be ready for anything - a foul ball, a flying slice of pizza, everything.”

[Madore's buddy Danny] Kelly, sporting a Patriots jacket, was tossed.

“It was just a stupid thing,” he said. “It’s not something to be proud of. It was just stupidity all around.”

Madore and Sole began jawing - “He has a little bit of a temper,” Ho said - and Madore got the boot, as well.

By the time the eighth inning rolled around, however, most involved couldn’t stop laughing. Sole fielded nonstop calls from friends telling him he was on NESN, which named him “Fan of the Game.” (emphasis added)

Note to self: when taking son to Red Sox game, bring special pizza-protective clothing.

It should be noted that the Boston Globe abjectly failed to cover this pizza incident. [UPDATE: Drezner gets results from the Boston Globe's baseball blog!!!]

The Boston Herald -- politics, sports, and random pizza-throwing incidents. It's all there.

posted by Dan on 04.17.07 at 09:16 AM


Jason Sole should be commended. He saved an out without fan interference. If only the pale SOX had such wonderful fans.

posted by: BlueOx on 04.17.07 at 09:16 AM [permalink]

If you're going to show this clip, it really should be from NESN's footage, with commentary by Don Orsillo and the incomparable Jerry Remy. Not those bland ESPN talking heads.

Pizzagate fans, try here:

posted by: CM on 04.17.07 at 09:16 AM [permalink]

The Herald may be the worst paper I have ever read. The freaking Metro puts it to shame.

posted by: Ben Cronin on 04.17.07 at 09:16 AM [permalink]

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