Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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Sympathy for a neocon and other musings

My latest bloggingheads duet is up -- this time with Matthew Yglesias.

This was a fun one for me, at least, because the conversation looped back around. Topics include the Virginia Tech shootings, whether one should feel pity for Paul Wolfowitz, the tension between being a presidential candidate and becoming president, and -- of course -- the book.

posted by Dan on 04.18.07 at 11:48 PM


Any grand theory of US foreign policy should be scrutinized as to how it would deal with the real world that Kurds of Turkey and Macedonians of Greece inhabit.

Richard Holbrooke, Why Do You Think You Are God?

Joint History Project for the Balkans!

Why Can't Robert Kaplan Find Any Macedonians!

My Greatest Hits

Anyway, if you are ever doing an article on Macedonia ... don't be a stranger!

My Blog: The Macedonian Tendency

posted by: David Edenden on 04.18.07 at 11:48 PM [permalink]

I just want to point out the stupidity of your gloating about the American attack of Somalia a few months ago. Here is a perfect example of your short-sightedness:

I wonder why you don't talk about it any more?

posted by: joe m. on 04.18.07 at 11:48 PM [permalink]

Even a liberal-leaning newspaper believes there has been a rush to judgment in Wolfowitz's case.

posted by: Ian on 04.18.07 at 11:48 PM [permalink]

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