Wednesday, May 9, 2007

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The incredibly loud Hawaiian shirt edition of

My latest bloggingheads debate is up, with Matthew Yglesias. As a special treat, I'm wearing a Hawaiian shirt loud enough to wake Don Ho from the dead. It's... arresting.

Topics include:

1) The Jon Chait netroots article.

2) Our place in the wonkosphere (and, yes, Henry, you should feel bad for that neologism).

3) Is Alan Blinder on crack or is he on crack... like a fox?

4) Those bigoted NBA refs.

5) Those bigoted baseball fans.

6) Why France will not change.

Go check it out!

posted by Dan on 05.09.07 at 08:39 AM


Does anyone else find Yglesias' voice incredibly annoying? This is a really mean thing to say, so I'm anonymous. I don't really mind his politics, but it's stunning how high-pitched he can get.

If you read this, Matt, I'm sorry. Dan, if you feel the need to delete, do so.

posted by: AnonCoward on 05.09.07 at 08:39 AM [permalink]

Oy, another insufferable conversation about the self-importance of bloggers.

What was the line about Rousseau after he died? "He invented nothing; he set fire to everything."

Not entirely acccurate; but not too far off either.

Chait's piece was a very good overview. But the vital question remains: Can bloggers (netroots subspecies) govern?

Or do they even care?

posted by: SteveMG on 05.09.07 at 08:39 AM [permalink]

Couldn't Sarkozy be France's Koizumi?

I think it's too early to say that nothing will change.

posted by: Tim_G on 05.09.07 at 08:39 AM [permalink]

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