Thursday, May 10, 2007

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The New York Times looks deep into my blogging soul

Natasha Singer has a story in the NYT Styles section about blogs critical of the beauty-industrial complex. This is the lead paragraph:

Most bloggers have never met a beauty product or treatment they didnít love. The fill their columns with wildly enthusiastic prose about the latest blush, the newest procedure or research that they laud as cutting-edge.
This is just so true. Why, only yesterday James Joyner and I were getting facials and talking about how Glenn Reynolds was using this awesome new foundation that really brought out his cheekbones (but what is the deal with this fashion choice?).

Then it was off to a manny-peddy with Kevin Drum, who scored some cutting-edge Clinique products gratis because of his constant beauty blogging (though, man, could Drum be any bitchier about Andrew Sullivan's fashion choices?).

While we were waiting for our nails to dry, we regaled each other with the great Megan McArdle-Virginia Postrel blog feud over the best nail polish to wear when appearing on a Sunday morning talk show (let's face it, they're both just jealous of Laura McKenna's flaming red hair and Ann Althouse's age-defying skin cream).

Of course, my day was ruined when Jacob Levy came in to get some fancy-schmancy new chest waxing procedure. Whenever I bump into Jacob at the beauty parlor, he lords it over me how he has a named chair even though he's three years younger than me. It kills me that he looks ten years younger because of those killer highlights in his beard.

The New York Times: your infallible guide to the soul of the blogosphere.

posted by Dan on 05.10.07 at 08:14 AM


While funny, I don't think that's strictly "fair".

In context, the "bloggers" in question must be not the set of all people who blog, but people who blog about cosmetics/beauty/fashion.

(I would not be at all surprised to find a large number of cosmetics/beauty astroturf blogs, but I can't be bothered to look. I ain't gettin' paid to do an expose.)

posted by: Sigivald on 05.10.07 at 08:14 AM [permalink]

I do get the humor in your piece, but as someone who follows two distinctly different types of blogs, I must say on this topic, the Times does know that to which they refer. I have two folders in my bookmarks for blogs. One folder has links to Sullivan, Ysglesias, Klein, Drum, McArdle, etc. The other folder contains links to such places as Blogdorf Goodman, Beauty Addict, um, yeah well I'm too embarrassed to admit to more of this type. But, yes, they got it right.

So will you be volunteering your time for the latest in facial massage reviews?

posted by: TrishB on 05.10.07 at 08:14 AM [permalink]

Now, just why did you make me keep all of our beauty jaunts to the 57th Street salons so secret while you were at the UofC?? I've been biting my tongue for years to keep it all hushy-hushy, and now you're just ever so blithely telling the whole world your beauty tips. Disgusting.

I'll tell you and your readers one thing, though. I will never, never ever talk even one word about the little beauty refresher tips that Barack calls me for whenever he manages to be back in Hyde Park for a day.

That man is really running himself haggard. Desperately needs a two-hour stop-over at the 57th Street Salon. Now.

posted by: disembedded on 05.10.07 at 08:14 AM [permalink]

Hilarious. Though if TrishB is correct on accuracy it looks like we need to score this one for the Times over Dan. Still, hilarious.

posted by: Crust on 05.10.07 at 08:14 AM [permalink]

If you'd just restrict yourself to plain soap and water, you wouldn't get blackheads, pimples, and boils from all that crud in your pores.

posted by: Alan Kellogg on 05.10.07 at 08:14 AM [permalink]

Funny that you mention Virginia Postrel. In one of her most memorable pieces (to me, anyway), the gushing enthusiasm for the beauty-industrial complex was very palpable.

posted by: mobile on 05.10.07 at 08:14 AM [permalink]

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