Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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A DVD extra for World News Tonight

If you watch ABC's World News Tonight tonight, there's a 50-50 shot I'll be in a story about President Bush's decision to impose additional sanctions against Sudan for its actions in Darfur. The point I tried to get across -- sanctions are unlikely to work in this instance because (in increasing order of importance:

1) The United States doesn't a large economic relationship with Sudan, and with pre-existing sanctions in place, there's not much left to cut off;

2) Conflict expectations between Sudan and the United States are already pretty high, so even if the sanctions were costly, Khartoum would be reluctant to concede anything substantive;

3) Sudan has a "white knight" (or "black knight" if you will) in the form of China. With that country pumping billions into the Sudanese economy, the U.S. financial sanctions are little more than a hiccup in their economic trajectory.

We'll see how well this gets communicated in seven seconds.

Here's some info that won't be in the story: whenever news networks do these stories, there's always a "b-roll" in which they show the professor walking across campus or working at his computer, etc.

I bring this up because if they show that footage tonight, I was typing this very sentence!!!!!

Exciting behind-the-scenese stuff, eh?

[Hey, how did that copy of All Politics Is Global get into the corner of the shot?--ed. Because I am that shameless.]

UPDATE: The good news is that I did indeed appear in the story. The bad news is that the b-roll did not. Curses!!

posted by Dan on 05.29.07 at 02:25 PM


nice appearance, Dan. Hopefully the first of many. I look forward to the editorial reply on Salma Hayek on Entertainment Tonight in the future

posted by: johnnymeathead on 05.29.07 at 02:25 PM [permalink]

You are certainly right that the sanctions won't have much practical effect. But (putting aside your view that the Bush folks are incompetent) it's hard to believe that anyone involved with imposing these sanctions ever expected them to have any such effect. It's just shadow-boxing (for now); and the only real importance of the announcement of the sanctions is whether the Sudanese might be worried about the potential follow-up when the sanctions are shown to have had no impact. I don't think they have much to worry about there either. But that's another story, and many others besides the alleged incompetents (real or fancied) among the Bushies get to share center stage on that one.

posted by: rhd on 05.29.07 at 02:25 PM [permalink]

I saw you! It was actually quite exciting, I was like "hey, I know that guy... that's Daniel Drezner!"

posted by: Christian on 05.29.07 at 02:25 PM [permalink]

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posted by: Clara-ie on 05.29.07 at 02:25 PM [permalink]

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