Sunday, June 10, 2007

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Final Sopranos predictions

I haven't blogged too much about the Sopranos over the years, but it's been one of the few shows that both the Official Blog Wife and I watch religiously.

In eager anticipation of the show's series finale tonight, and blog efforts to predict the show's denouement, here's what I think will happen:

1) No one in Tony's immediate family dies;

2) No one else in Tony's crew will die either;

3) Melfi takes Tony back (I found that part of last week's show unconvincing);

4) Regardless of how/whether Tony's feud with Phil Leotardo is resolved, the show will end with Tony still in charge, bereft of any competent underling to take over, depressed at the prospect of having to soldier on in charge, acutely aware that his eventual death will likely not be a peaceful one (this search for a successor has been at the heart of this last season, and for the past few seasons if you think about it);

5) Despite his best efforts, James Gandolfini will never find a role that makes people forget either Tony Sorprano or this song.

Readers are encouraged to offer their own predictions/postmortems.

POST-EPISODE UPDATE: Wrong on Melfi, but I think the rest of it holds up pretty well.

posted by Dan on 06.10.07 at 04:21 PM


Tony runs into suicide bomber. Tony shoots and kills suicide bomber.

posted by: Fred on 06.10.07 at 04:21 PM [permalink]

AJ will do something dumb and cowardly. Wait, that happens every week. OK, how about this...

AJ, who is now obsessed with terrorism emanating from the Mid-East, will mistake a Middle Eastern guy for a terrorist and will kill him...and his family. Facing prosectution for this crime, Tony will agree to cooperate with the Feds in order to save his son.

Meadow will die violently. So, Tony loses the only good thing in his life.

And Carm will be crushed -- left only with the bad kid, a broken husband, no SUV, and no big house. She will sigh alot and have a very pained expression on her face throughout the episode. But no tears from Carm.

posted by: Mike T. on 06.10.07 at 04:21 PM [permalink]

How did you interpet the ending? Best interpetation I've read is from a CL posting:

>>Remember, back to when Tony and Bobby were
>> sitting on the boat, and Bobby asked Tony what
>> it was like "when it happens". And Tony
>> replies,(repeated the flashback Tony had last
>> week while laying in
>> bed holding the machine gun)"that when it does
>> happen, you don't

>> Well...that is how the final second of the
>> Sopranos ended. Inststant blackness, followed
>> by no sound during the credits (first time of
>> all episodes).

>>...that means the guy either came out of the
>> bathroom right as Meadow walked in and capped
>> Tony (he never saw or heard it coming just
>> like Phil)


>> The screen went to black, and YOU, the VIEWER,
>> never saw it coming or heard anything....

posted by: Mojohand on 06.10.07 at 04:21 PM [permalink]

Great ending, a snapshot of a universe with no meaning. Birth death work passion all put aside for a hamburger while waiting for the last bell to ring over the door.

posted by: bstr on 06.10.07 at 04:21 PM [permalink]

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