Monday, June 18, 2007

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You be Newsweek's guest editor!

I find little to cavil about Newsweek's sympathetic profile of Angelina Jolie ("look, she's gone from Billy Bob Thornton's ex to being good at acting, adopting and international public diplomacy!")

Well, OK, there is this rather odd section:

Earlier this month Jolie was invited to join the Council on Foreign Relations, the elite club for the American foreign-policy establishment. It's no room for lightweights. Her fellow members include Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Jimmy Carter, Diane Sawyer and Bill Clinton.
To my dying day, I will be vexed by one of two possibilities:
1) Reporter Sean Smith sees Diane Sawyer as a foreign policy heavyweight;

2) An editor at Newsweek read Smith's draft and though,"not enough heavyweights... better add Diane Sawyer."

posted by Dan on 06.18.07 at 11:55 PM


Or the editor/reporter thought "Is there a precedent for an entertainment industry professional joining the CFR? Yes, Diane Sawyer!"

posted by: SK on 06.18.07 at 11:55 PM [permalink]

Diane Sawyer would probably not like to be considered an "entertainment industry professional" but rather a journalist--altho I agree with you.

Ron silver, also a CFR member, would be a better example...


posted by: lamont cranston on 06.18.07 at 11:55 PM [permalink]

Not sure what counts as a foreign policy "heavyweight", but Sawyer has, at least, done a lot of foreign reporting--most recently from North Korea, I think.

posted by: THS on 06.18.07 at 11:55 PM [permalink]

Ms. Sawyer has a lot of friends in New York and Washington. They include Richard Holbrooke, so I think that her connections were very helpful in getting into the Council of Foreign Relations. Generally I don't look for foreign policy analysis from Ms. Sawyer.

posted by: Jeff on 06.18.07 at 11:55 PM [permalink]

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