Thursday, June 28, 2007

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Hey, what happened at those EU negotiations?

Henry Farrell answers this question over at Crooked Timber.

The depressing part comes with Nikolas Sarkozy's success at "moving market competition from the list of the EUís main goals." Henry is undoubtedly less concerned about this than I am, but even he concludes:

I suspect that the main beneficiaries of these changes will be powerful semi-monopolies and national champions with good political connections, which can by no means necessarily be expected to act in the public interest.

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From what I understand, the clause that Sarkozy got struck from the treaty is well-established in peripheral EU regulations. So it was more a PR concession to French domestic opinion than a change in policy.

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"This week, the cover of the Polish weekly Wprost depicts Chancellor Angela Merkel breast-feeding the Kaczynski twins. But it could have been worse, the editor-in-chief points out. At least they used a 21-year-old model.",1518,490795,00.html

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