Tuesday, August 14, 2007

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In your face, Milwaukee!!

In the Boston Globe, Chris Reidy reports that Boston is a good fit for your humble blogger:

Boston has long been viewed as the land of the bean and the cod -- and now the Hub may also be the land of the blog.

According to OutsideIn.com, a website that tracks neighborhood blogging, Boston was the "bloggiest city" in America for the two-month period it examined, March and April.

Behind Boston were Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C.

OutsideIn.com said it tracks blogging activity in about 60 urban areas. It based its rankings on a "blogging quotient" that factored in a metropolitan area's population with the number of blog posts tied to specific locations.

By that measure, Greater Boston had 89 posts per 100,000 residents, edging out Greater Philadelphia, which had 88 posts.

Surprisingly, perhaps, such well-wired places as San Francisco and Seattle were farther down the list.

Why was Greater Boston number one? Outsidein.com's chief executive, Steven Berlin Johnson, offered this theory: Blogs thrive where locals are wired, well-educated, and obsessed with politics, a topic that inspires bloggers to vent their opinions.

Another possibility: east coast cities like Boston and Philly have more people who find time to blog while goofing off at their place of work.

[Which is something you never do, right?--ed. Uh... right!!]

posted by Dan on 08.14.07 at 08:32 AM


That doesn't seem right. If there are 10 million active blogs (a figure pulled from the air, in good blogging fashion), or 1 per 30 residents, that means Boston has maybe 3,333 blogs per 100,000, meaning that the average blogger posts only once in a blue moon.

posted by: Bill Harshaw on 08.14.07 at 08:32 AM [permalink]

How about having LOTS of college students? Literate, technically savvy people with more free time than most older employed types, with strong in-built proclivities for competitiveness and sexual display...

Uh... competitiveness and communication. Communication. Communication!


posted by: ming the more-or-less on 08.14.07 at 08:32 AM [permalink]

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