Sunday, August 19, 2007

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The cultural question of the summer

Which version of "Umbrella" is better?

Here's Rihanna:

Here's Mandy Moore:
Finally, there's YouTube phenomenom Marie Digby's version:

I think it's Rihanna, hands down. [Oh, you, always siding with "professionals"!!--ed.]

posted by Dan on 08.19.07 at 07:07 PM


frankly, it's not a very good song, but Marie does the most credible job - you side with sexy videos with professional gloss. Give me a modicum of honest presentation anyday.

posted by: tarylcabot on 08.19.07 at 07:07 PM [permalink]

No, the Seamus Haji dance remix of the Rhianna which they play on the local dance/techno station.

posted by: Nicholas Weaver on 08.19.07 at 07:07 PM [permalink]

Ah, a slighly better one of it

posted by: Nicholas Weaver on 08.19.07 at 07:07 PM [permalink]

It's good to see that Dan can pry himself from Salma Hayek long enough to post three hot videos. Here's my take:

At the club: Rihanna (hands down)

Private time with the ladies (lol as I'm writing this): Mandy Moore

The coffee shop: Marie (I think she's the most beautiful of them all)


You should have a "happy hour with Dan D" at APSA. I know a lot of readers (especially grad students would love to have a beer with you). I've got a feeling you won't end up buying a single drink.

posted by: DP on 08.19.07 at 07:07 PM [permalink]

While the other 2 are nice, I gotta go with Rihanna. With the other 2, it's too easy to switch in the middle of a song. While Rihanna's has a heavy production value, it is simply harder to turn off than the others.

posted by: KXB on 08.19.07 at 07:07 PM [permalink]

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