Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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I, for one, would watch this show

Alex Tabarrok proposes So You Think You Can Be President? One proposed segment:

Game Theory: Candidates compete in a game of Diplomacy. I would also include several ringers - say Robin Hanson, Bryan Caplan and Salma Hayek. Why these three? Robin is cold, calculating and merciless - make a logical mistake and he will make you pay. Bryan is crafty and experienced. And Salma? I couldn't refuse her anything but presidents should be made of stronger stuff so we need a test.
Diplomacy and Salma. Oh, that's hot.

posted by Dan on 08.22.07 at 09:42 PM


F Pacific Ocean C US-Iraq
F Indian Ocean C US-Iraq
F Persian Gulf C US-Iraq
UK S US-Iraq
Iran S Iraq
Insurgents S Iraq
Paris holds
Ankara holds
US is dislodged from Iraq

posted by: Cain on 08.22.07 at 09:42 PM [permalink]

We have a sitting president, instead of playing these games how about a serious critique of his latest speech on Iraq?

posted by: Qingdao on 08.22.07 at 09:42 PM [permalink]

Can someone explain how the reference to "The Quiet American" got into his speech?

posted by: Joe Klein's conscience on 08.22.07 at 09:42 PM [permalink]

How many women has Dan ever known who play Diplomacy?

posted by: Zathras on 08.22.07 at 09:42 PM [permalink]

Funny comment, Cain.

Salma H. could win a game of Diplomacy even as Italy.

posted by: Useless Sam Grant on 08.22.07 at 09:42 PM [permalink]

1. _Diplomacy_ is the ultimate game of realist foreign policy -- "no allies, only interests" and so forth.

2. What about _Supremacy_ which includes technology and economics as well as military conflict and diplomatic maneuvering?

posted by: John Fast on 08.22.07 at 09:42 PM [permalink]

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