Friday, August 24, 2007

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In honor of Hugo Chavez and Woody Allen....

Starting in September, Hugo Chavez is going to be shifting Venezuela's clocks forward by a half-hour (to ensure "a more fair distribution of the sunrise" according to Reuters).

An hour I can understand -- but a half-hour?

How long is it going to be before Chavez delivers this kind of speech?

If you liked that clip, then I must encourage you to click here as well.

posted by Dan on 08.24.07 at 09:48 AM


Fish, barrel- may I introduce you to gun. Maybe you should worry more about crazy leaders who actually have the ability to inflict major disasters on the world, like Bush and Cheney.

posted by: Steve LaBonne on 08.24.07 at 09:48 AM [permalink]

Now we just wait for the local headline:
"Chavez cures Seasonal Affective Disorder"!

posted by: anon on 08.24.07 at 09:48 AM [permalink]

I see the Newfie-Venezuelan jokes have already popped up online.

(As time-zone geeks and CBC-listeners know, Newfoundland time is also a half-hour offset from its neighbor time zones, at GMT-3.5. The new Venezuelan time will be GMT-4.5)

posted by: John Mark Ockerbloom on 08.24.07 at 09:48 AM [permalink]

I am still troubled by the inequity of the eastern Venezuelans receiving their light first. Is there nothing Boss Hugo can do to remedy this injustice?

posted by: Charles L. on 08.24.07 at 09:48 AM [permalink]

What about the classic _Twilight Zone_ episode "The Mirror" (with Peter Falk)?

posted by: John Fast on 08.24.07 at 09:48 AM [permalink]

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