Saturday, October 20, 2007

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There's nothing like spotty wireless and the great outdoors

Blogging will be light over the next few days, because I am here.

Imagine about forty political scientists and policymakers surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in the country, staring into their laptops and occasionally cursing their erratic wireless connection [UPDATE: In response to the polite urgings of other conference-goers, let me add that I'm guilty of this sin as well).

This place is awesome, but I keep looking around expecting to see Fredo get clipped.

The conference topic, by the way, is "New Challenges to International Regimes." Any readers who have bright ideas about how to reform either the UN system, or the nonproliferation regime should let me know ASAP.

In the meanwhile, loyal readers will have to be sated with mentions of me elsewhere.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a funny blog post about blog citations.

And I'm quoted in this Economist story on Operation Divest Terror, a movement sweeping state governments who are ordering pension fund managers to divest their holdings of companies doing business with Iran. I'm not terribly optimistic about it having any effect.

That should be enough media whoredom for the weekend.

posted by Dan on 10.20.07 at 10:53 AM


Scrap the UN altogether; build a new organization, transfering all the older UN treaties to it, but only allowing in countries that have a form of representative democracy. We're overseas at the moment, around lots and lots of UN people - trust me, you can't reform the UN!

posted by: Jean on 10.20.07 at 10:53 AM [permalink]

State governments should not be forcing fund managers to divest from anything for political reasons, no matter how noble. If we are going to ask state employees to save for retirement, we owe it to them to seek out the highest possible return, not to play politics with their money.

posted by: Anonymous on 10.20.07 at 10:53 AM [permalink]

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