Sunday, November 4, 2007

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For the record....

I fall into the second category in Brad DeLong's typology of Prius drivers: "I have spent a fortune on a fuel-efficient car, and now I am going to get some of that back by saving time!"

Of course, I'm not the one who's apparently blogging and driving at the same time.

posted by Dan on 11.04.07 at 09:40 PM


I spent the last week babysitting a Prius, courtesy of my friend who was out of town and thought I could put better use to it than the street in front of his apartment could.

As I told my Prius-owning friend when I picked him up from the airport today, I am eternally grateful, for now my Echo-driving boyfriend has given up his plans of a Subaru Forester hybrid as his next car, and now wants a Prius instead.

I'm very happy with this new Prius desire. I sure as h*ll don't want something that looks as parental as a Forester (it even comes in an LLBean edition!).

Sadly, from my perspective, a Prius doesn't scream the exact opposite of "I am a breeder!", which I fear is the Forester's message.

posted by: Amanda on 11.04.07 at 09:40 PM [permalink]

Doesn't this post fall under McArdle's "full disclosure" bit?

posted by: Klug on 11.04.07 at 09:40 PM [permalink]

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