Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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A global thanksgiving

The editors of Foreign Policy provide a list of reasons to be thankful this year. Among the reasons:

1) Improvements in air safety

2) Lower infant mortality rates

3) Fewer and less deadly wars

4) Fewer people living in extreme poverty

5) Greater life expectancy

Happy Thanksgiving!

posted by Dan on 11.21.07 at 07:10 PM


Though not among these reasons, apparently, is a decrease in the likelihood of losing one's bags during air transit. The NY Times reported the opposite trend today.

posted by: Charli Carpenter on 11.21.07 at 07:10 PM [permalink]

6). The highest ever general prosperity levels for humanity.

7). Absolutism continues to wither.

8). The ethic of objectivity continues to spread.

9). Female emancipation continues to accelerate all forms of progress.

10). Highest numbers of free people in world history.

posted by: a Duoist on 11.21.07 at 07:10 PM [permalink]

It's a nice idea to have such a list. It reminds me of the modern-version Haggadah that lists modern plagues instead of focusing on frogs.

posted by: eszter on 11.21.07 at 07:10 PM [permalink]

.. sorry, instead of "modern plagues" I just meant to say current issues and events.

posted by: eszter on 11.21.07 at 07:10 PM [permalink]

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