Thursday, December 6, 2007

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All about Condi

My latest bloggingheads diavlog is now online. This time my partner is Washington Post diplomatic correspondent Glenn Kessler, to discuss his new book, The Confidante: Condoleezza Rice and the Creation of the Bush Legacy.

Topics discussed include Rice's tenure at NSC and State, Dick Cheney's brain, a defense of Karen Hughes (also available at the New York Times website), and Condi's future outside of government.

Go check it out.

posted by Dan on 12.06.07 at 03:45 PM


Professor Drezner,
During your discussion of Annapolis with Glenn Kessler, you (rightly) suggest that the Bush Administration has shown an inability to follow through after talking a good game. However, I think Annapolis creates an opportunity for follow through without the Bush Administration having to take the lead. In response to Syriaís willingness to attend Annapolis against the wishes of Iran, the U.S. could follow through by taking the handcuffs off of Israeli attempts to negotiate directly with Syria. Iíve posted about some of the positive consequences of a deal with Syria on my group blog here:

posted by: Zachary Clopton on 12.06.07 at 03:45 PM [permalink]

OTOH, she now has a word in Israeli named in her honor, "Lecondel", to condolizza. To run around back and forth, hold lots of meetings, and accomplish nothing.

posted by: Nicholas Weaver on 12.06.07 at 03:45 PM [permalink]

Congrats on making it to

posted by: Eph on 12.06.07 at 03:45 PM [permalink]

Uncle Dick's brain? In a jar of formaldehyde, hopefully.

posted by: lee on 12.06.07 at 03:45 PM [permalink]

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