Thursday, December 6, 2007

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Behold my multi-multimedia strategy

My master plan to dominate all most some media came to fruition today.

First there was the bloggingheads diavlog with the Washington Post's Glenn Kessler.

Next came my commentary for NPR's Marketplace in which I do the unthinkable.... I defend the right of superagent Scott Boras to exist:

If baseball is the national pastime, then bashing agents for greed comes in a close second. Before declaring Boras guilty, however, consider the following figures. This year Major Lleague Baseball announced that it had topped $6 billion in revenues for the first time ever. At the same time, the share of those revenues going to player salaries has declined over the past six years, from more than 56 percent to less than 42 percent. In contrast, the National Football League paid their players more than half of its total revenues. At a time when baseball is economically flush, its players are getting a smaller slice of the pie.

A key goal for agents is to get as much money for their clients as possible, and everyone acknowledges that Boras excels at this task. Blaming him for trying to get market value for his players is like blaming Will Smith's agent for getting him over $25 million per film.

For some background on the Boras commentary, check out Ben McGrath's profile of Boras in The New Yorker, David Pinto's excellent analysis of how baseball was keeping down its costs in The Sporting News; and Tyler Kepner's New York Times story on Boras' corporation.

Finally, and most important, the special issue of Public Choice on the politics blogs -- co-edited by Henry Farrell and myself -- is now available online.

That's enough media for today. I'm turning in.

posted by Dan on 12.06.07 at 10:12 PM


Thanks for the link, Dan. I'm glad you liked the article!

posted by: David Pinto on 12.06.07 at 10:12 PM [permalink]

Anyone who can get Andruw Jones 18 mil after his miserable 2007 season is doing something right.

Boras does his job well. If that's "destroying baseball", it is because many of the owners are doing their jobs poorly.

posted by: Appalled Moderate on 12.06.07 at 10:12 PM [permalink]

"This year Major Lleague Baseball"

Is that the Welsh name for it?

posted by: Just Dropping By on 12.06.07 at 10:12 PM [permalink]

Dan, would it be possible for some kind of post outlining the effects of Iran ceasing to sell oil in US dollars. Is this meaningful if the Saudis and other OPEC members still sell in US dollars? What about the timing? Following so closely on the release of the NIE does Iran feel freer to do something that could be viewed as hostile to the US but possibly helpful to the rest of the international community? Or is this not that big of deal? With the weakening US dollar is this the beginning of a move away from the US dollar as a world reserve currency? I'm new to trying to understand this stuff; would this be as bad an outcome as I think it would be?

Most of the places I have encountered arguments/thoughts on petrodollar flow and geopolitics have been on the ideological left and seem to take the tack this is yet another example of how right rule has turned America into Rome before the fall. I'd be very interested in a more center right take on this type of thing. Or is it overblown and not worthy of serious commentary?

posted by: jmscher on 12.06.07 at 10:12 PM [permalink]

Regarding Boras, actually this year there probably is quite some room for criticising him for not doing his job properly, what with the A-rod business and Rogers firing him. He seemed to have forgotten that for some players money isn't quite everything :)

posted by: Lewis Maskell on 12.06.07 at 10:12 PM [permalink]

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