Monday, December 17, 2007

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Huh. That's weird...

I reckon that other political bloggers are used to this, but for me, it's very strange to read one's own words in a candidate's press release.

In this case, there's two things that are especially odd. First, Romney's attack on Huckabee largely consists of pointing out how much Huckabee sounds like the Democrats -- which is fine, except that people in glass houses should not throw stones.

Second, everyone and their uncle is harping on the "bunker mentality" quote that Huckabee uses to characterize the Bush administration's policies. If you look at what Huckabee actually proposes -- and admittedly it's now always crystal clear -- there's not a stunning difference between a Bush and a Huckabee approach to foreign policy.

UPDATE: On the other hand, this blog post makes an excellent point. If I had to choose between a dinner at Romney's favorite restaurant in New York and Huckabee's apparent favorite restaurant in New York, I'd go with Romney hands down.

posted by Dan on 12.17.07 at 07:29 PM


I pointed this out in a previous post (though late and after it was a bit down the blogroll), but here is Huckabee making clear a major difference on FP between he and Bush. I will point out though, I have not clearly heard Bush say that he thinks Israel should give up the WB, only that he supports a "Palestinian State" (whatever that may mean). But in this interview, Huckabee seemingly advocates that the Palestinians already have a state in what is Jordan. He seems to clearly express his view that the Palestinians should be ethnically cleansed from Palestine (including, presumably, the Christian ones in Bethlehem. Strange from a Baptist priest. anyway, Huckabee is really in the Guiliani branch of insanity when it comes to the Arab/Israeli conflict. even more nuts than Bush. Which means that he advocates some additional wars in the Arab world.

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