Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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No one send any job applications to me

A friendly note to aspiring professors of international relations:

In a story about the Fletcher School's 75th anniversary, the Financial Times reports that, "Faculty is also earmarked for expansion. The school has 30 full-time faculty, a figure that has grown by approximately 30 per cent over the past five years. [Dean Stephen] Bosworth says he hopes to see a comparable increase over the next five years."

This does not mean that

a) we're hiring any of these people right now;

b) I will have exclusive say over who we hire five years from now;

So you can stop sending me your cvs.

posted by Dan on 12.19.07 at 09:15 AM


Oooo, bitchy. Are too many of Mr. Bigshot's uncouth inferiors bombarding him with unsolicited & unwelcome CVs? How dare those those lame job-seeking nobodies waste his precious time like that. Off with their heads!

posted by: nova on 12.19.07 at 09:15 AM [permalink]

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