Monday, December 24, 2007

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Your semi-interesting travel observation of the day

For those of you who will be travelling this holiday season, here's a useful, spontaneous discovery I made yesterday. This is based on my personal experience with an automated voice recognition software program on the customer service line of a major airline:

If, at any point, you say "f*** you" into the phone, you will be automatically and politely transferred to a human operator.
Remember, you have to pronounce the asterisks correctly.

I'm sure my razor-sharp readers were already cognizant of this fact -- but if not, go forth and find out if it works on other airlines.

UPDATE: This site is also useful for figuring out how to talk to a human (hat tip: loyal reader A.A.)

posted by Dan on 12.24.07 at 10:10 AM


Reminds me of once hearing 'we value your call' and responding 'if you really valued it, I wouldn't still be on hold' and actually getting a fairly prompt response afterwards.

posted by: Lord on 12.24.07 at 10:10 AM [permalink]

Just be thankful you have an American accent, a New Zealand accent when in the US totally confuses the systems, I was trying to buy a ticket to a Steelers prematch when I was in Pittsburgh & in the end had to give up.

posted by: Nigel on 12.24.07 at 10:10 AM [permalink]

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