Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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Reason #342 why Election is the greatest movie ever made about American politics... ever
Thank you, Slate.
posted by Dan on 01.16.08 at 11:31 PM


This ad is spot on about how Billary must be feeling now ;-) LOL!!

What the Clintons did using Bob Johnson was abominable.. just terrible.. The Culinary Union hatchet job was so transparent that even people who respected HRC would have felt disgusted ...and just when i start to develop some symapthy for Obama, he goes around comparing himself to Ronald Reagan !!

One day he compares himself to MLK, the next day its Reagan, i am just waiting for Linocln, Gandhi, FDR and George Washington to come up soon in Obama's mind.

This is what happens when the most experienced Democrat who can actually work with Republicans and does not invoke partisan feelings is out of the running.

Joe Biden has some seriously bad karma going for him.

posted by: NS on 01.16.08 at 11:31 PM [permalink]

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