Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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Your anti-Trumanesque quote of the day

According to the New York Times' Jesse McKinley, the Berkeley City Council will be reversing its decision to ban the Marines from running a three-person recruitment center in the downtown.

Now I could fill up this blog city council inanities, and I don't, so why focus on this one? Because of the following quote:

“The staff are supposed to be there to protect us from our stupidity,” said Councilwoman Betty Olds, who is 87, as feisty as a cornered rattlesnake and a leader of the retrenchment. “And they didn’t do any better than we did.”
You have to stand back and admire, in a truly perverse way, a politician who embodies the polar opposite of Harry Truman's sentiment of 'the buck stops here'. Don't blame me, blame the staff!!

posted by Dan on 02.12.08 at 08:56 AM


Well, that is to be expected, since the "it wasn't me, it's the staff" reply is as old as the world.

Two years ago, I was in Aleppo In Syria. In the museum over there was a marvellous tablet with a 4000 years old inscription.

Translated, it said:

"Oh king, you are angry with me, because I have sent you rotten truffles. But I am not to blame, It is the supplier of the truffles who is at fault."

Nothing ever changes.

posted by: Harmen Breedeveld on 02.12.08 at 08:56 AM [permalink]

Nothing new here. I hear it all the time at conferences, the excuse that the empirical part has problems because of the research assistant.

posted by: William Sjostrom on 02.12.08 at 08:56 AM [permalink]

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