Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Ask Bill Richardson!!

Last Sunday Mark Leibovich had an amusing story in the New York Times about the wooing of New Mexico governor (and distinguished Fletcher alum) Bill Richardson's endorsement. The article focused primarily on the Clintonian wooing. It included this photo:


Glenn Kessler now reports that Richardson might be endorsing someone soon. Furthermore, Marc Ambinder reports that some of Clinton's surrogates -- like Madeleine Albright -- have ticked off Richardson with their overbearing pleas on Senator Clinton's behalf.

I bring all this up because as it turned out I'll be having dinner with the man in a few weeks -- we'll both be attending this UCLA Conference on U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Rogue States. Richardson is delivering the keynote address -- I'm waiting tables during the drink hour.

I therefore leave it to the readers -- which question should I ask Richardson if I get the chance?

A) Who was the most irritating member of Clinton's cabinet? Just nod your head if It was Albright.

B) How many wings did you and (Bill) Clinton down watching the Super Bowl?

C) You've served as a U.S. Representative, Ambassador to the United Nations, and U.S. Secretary of Energy. How cheesed off are you, Dodd and Biden when Hillary starts touting her experience?

Readers are encouraged to post other good questions in the comments.

posted by Dan on 02.28.08 at 02:01 PM


I would ask him if he wants to be VP and , if he could he carry New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado.

posted by: Marvin King on 02.28.08 at 02:01 PM [permalink]

I'd ask him if that's the standard beard all would-be male Democratic presidents must grow after their executive dreams are crushed (See Gore, Al; circa 2001). A quick follow on would be if John Edwards is old enough to grow one.

posted by: matt on 02.28.08 at 02:01 PM [permalink]

Clinton looks glum since he doesn't have a chair with "Pres" on it.

posted by: Greg on 02.28.08 at 02:01 PM [permalink]

"Governor Richardson, as the most experienced candidate in the Democratic field, what explains your disastrous debate performances in the '08 presidental campaign?"

posted by: Americaneocon on 02.28.08 at 02:01 PM [permalink]

Having worked for Richardson writing international economic policy ideas, my gut is he will hedge his bets........ and endorse after Ohio and Texas vote. He knows which way the wind blows.

posted by: susan Ariel Aaronson on 02.28.08 at 02:01 PM [permalink]

Governor Richardson, clearly your gender and pigmentation crushed your campaign. Will you be getting a sex change or spending long hours in the tanning booth in order to improve your chances in 2012? Or are you content to just be a washed up former candidate who packs on a lot of weight and finds some pet cause to champion, as an excuse to go on the lecture circuit and rack up outrageous speaking fees?

posted by: Joseph Sixpack on 02.28.08 at 02:01 PM [permalink]

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