Tuesday, September 23, 2003

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Listen to the radio

Interested in the connections between war and trade?

From 12-1 PM Central time, I'll be on Odyssey, nationally syndicated radio show hosted by Gretchen Helfrich and produced by WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio.

Tune in on your radio dial, or listen via the Internet by clicking here. FYI, there is a call-in segment towards the end of the hour.

UPDATE: Well, that was easily the most enjoyable experience I've had doing a radio program. Good conversation, deep without getting too jargony or off-topic, nicely managed by Gretchen, and quality production. It helped, of course, that the other "expert" was Eugene Gholz. Eugene and I did not agree so much that we were always on the same page, but we did agree on enough Big Things to be in the same book.

posted by Dan on 09.23.03 at 11:53 AM


I caught the tail-end of the show. It was an interesting discussion, and both of you sounnded very good. Nice work, hope you get the chance to do more of that stuff.

posted by: Rich on 09.23.03 at 11:53 AM [permalink]

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