Friday, October 10, 2003

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My oh-so-lazy Fridays

Little work is being done today, because my son's day care center closed at noon, so I have him for the rest of the day. Such are the occasional inconveniences of modern parenting.

I mention this only as an excuse to quote the last few grafs from this very funny post from Laura McK**** at Apartment 11D:

There are certain parts of raising kids that I love. Walking around the park. Treating them to ice-cream. Reading stories. But there's also aspects of the job that I didn't sign on for. Like watching other people's kids at the playground. And figuring out a four square dinner day after day.

Also putting valves in sippy cups, keeping track of milk consumption, watching the Wiggles, wiping bums, rinsing out shampoo, shopping at Target, transporting to pre-school, buckling car seats, curbing tantrums. Sometime I feel like saying, That's not my job. If I could delegate those jobs to a lacky or a graduate student, I would. But then I would miss out on ice cream in the park, too. (emphasis in original)

Actually, I think Laura might be overstating things a bit. Of course I signed on for the unpleasant or annoying parts of parenting -- it's just that before one has children, the mundane tasks are never the aspects of parenthood that one visualizes.

I also enjoy shopping at Target.

posted by Dan on 10.10.03 at 03:00 PM


I can take all the good with the bad. Almost. The incessent asking of the same question over and over again in the car makes me yell. "What are you doing?" "Driving." 2 second pause. "What are you doing?" "Driving." 2 second pause. "What are you doing?" "DRIVING INTO A TELEPHONE POLE IF YOU DON'T STOP ASKING ME THAT!"

posted by: Mr.PMs on 10.10.03 at 03:00 PM [permalink]

My "baby" girl is now 31 and a 4th Grade teacher. I love to watch her interactions with the kids on the rare occasions when I visit her school, but I'd trade everything I have to be able do the things for her that I did when she was a wee one.

posted by: George Roper on 10.10.03 at 03:00 PM [permalink]


re: child care on friday. It is not an inconvenience, it is a pleasure. Time spent with your son presumably gives you more pleasure than another post, or possibly office hours. If not, you should trade him in now. You could always adopt Glenn - he would never be inconvenient.

posted by: NB on 10.10.03 at 03:00 PM [permalink]

Yeah, ok, but a little sanctimonious there, Mr. Dan. Kids are a pain in the butt and I love mine dearly, but this is like saying you signed up for sticky floors and uncomfortable seats when you went to the movies. Sure, the inconveniences are worth it, but couldn't the rugrats have the decency to act like normal human beings???

Oh. That's right, they do...

posted by: Amos on 10.10.03 at 03:00 PM [permalink]

I think here is where the benefits of a tribal life have been overlooked. Extended family and neighbors upon whom to foist your kids, a pack of other children for yours to entertain themselves with, nothing but dirt and trees and grass for miles, so no way for the buggers to get into trouble. No cars.

In other words, a guilt-free way to ignore them. I'm pretty sure that's how we, as a race, got to this point. If one child required the full attention of one adult (in his hunting and gathering prime) we'd never have gotten anywhere.

But now, with progress, there's no turning back. I always liked the child care solution in Brave New World.

posted by: andrew on 10.10.03 at 03:00 PM [permalink]

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