Friday, January 9, 2004

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A small request

Via Josh Chafetz, I see that the 2004 Weblog Awards are accepting nominations.

Now, my small request is not to ask you to nominate this blog for any awards. But, I see that one of the categories is "Best article or essay about weblogs."

For that category, I humbly request you submit Erika Drezner's "My Life as a Blog Widow." Judging from some of the reaction it has received, I think it's touched a deeper chord than many of the press articles on the phenomenon.

Here endeth the request.

posted by Dan on 01.09.04 at 03:15 PM


Isn’t Erika Drezner the one who made snide remarks concerning baby eating? Has she ever tried it? What does Mrs. Drezner know about the delicious taste of a roasted homo sapien infant covered in a mushroom and garlic sauce? Oh well, I guess she still deserves a nomination. Nonetheless, I expect a few recipes in the near future on how to best prepare an child under the age of two for dinner. Three year olds are just too indigestible.

posted by: David Thomson on 01.09.04 at 03:15 PM [permalink]

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