Thursday, February 12, 2004

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Follow-up on Carmen Electra


Last month I blogged about how Carmen Electra had won back her Internet domain name from Celebrity1000. Barring an appeal, this meant that the domain name had to be transferred to Miss Electra within ten days.

In an effort to sustain the high standards of investigative journalism of, I clicked on again yesterday, and the domain name has indeed been transferred. Carmen writes:

Welcome to my new official website. I'm so excited to have a place to communicate with everyone. Finally...the real facts, latest projects, and all the juicy parts of my life.

Apparently, there are a few pictures of her as well.

I certainly hope all of this blog's readers have taken this anecdote about the role of the United Nations and World Intellectual Property Rights Organization to heart.

posted by Dan on 02.12.04 at 10:40 AM



posted by: Tatterdemalion on 02.12.04 at 10:40 AM [permalink]

[shaking head] sigh... Dan, you're incorrigable.

posted by: Jacob T, Levy on 02.12.04 at 10:40 AM [permalink]

Way to keep on top of this situation. Intellectual property rights are very important and their aren't enough, discussions of the value of such rights.

posted by: Norman Pfyster on 02.12.04 at 10:40 AM [permalink]

That's why I read this site regularly. No pretentiousness. All solid reporting and commentary.

posted by: tom on 02.12.04 at 10:40 AM [permalink]

Journalism at its finest. I smell Pulitzer

posted by: StMack on 02.12.04 at 10:40 AM [permalink]

Dan, you're incorrigable.

So don't incorrige him!

posted by: Pixy Misa on 02.12.04 at 10:40 AM [permalink]

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