Saturday, February 21, 2004

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Drezner to ABC: get better promo writers!

Here's ABC's This Week preview for tomorrow's show:

Democratic presidential front-runners Sens. John Kerry, D-Mass., and John Edwards, D-N.C., will go head to head on ABCNEWS' This Week with George Stephanopoulos in separate interviews airing this Sunday. (boldface added)

Anyone else see the oxymoron in this plug?

posted by Dan on 02.21.04 at 03:53 PM


Do you think ABC would see it even now?

posted by: John Venlet on 02.21.04 at 03:53 PM [permalink]

Well, the photo is head-to-head, so we can't really fault ABC for sleight-of-head.

posted by: Mike on 02.21.04 at 03:53 PM [permalink]

Maybe someone called it a double-header in an earlier draft or editorial meeting, then someone else had a brain fart.

posted by: Jon H on 02.21.04 at 03:53 PM [permalink]

ox·y·mo·ron n.
A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist.
[Greek oxumron, from neuter of oxumros, pointedly foolish: oxus, sharp; see oxygen + mros, foolish, dull.]
Source: The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

I don't think its an oxymoron, maybe just a plain old moron.

posted by: Robert Schwartz on 02.21.04 at 03:53 PM [permalink]

The idea that either Kerry or Edwards have a head ! Brilliant, Dan !

posted by: fingerowner on 02.21.04 at 03:53 PM [permalink]

"George Stephanopoulos" and "interview"?

posted by: Charlie (Colorado) on 02.21.04 at 03:53 PM [permalink]

Oxymorons within oxymorons, ad infinitum.

posted by: McGehee on 02.21.04 at 03:53 PM [permalink]

I'll be going one-on-one with Shaquille O'Neal tomorrow evening. He'll be at the Staples Center and I'll be at the, er, local school playground dominating those pre-teen ruffians. Baskets ARE ten feet, though. I swear.

Everyone's invited.


posted by: SteveMG on 02.21.04 at 03:53 PM [permalink]

Kerry and I went to different schools together. Does that mean anything?

posted by: Dave Dufour on 02.21.04 at 03:53 PM [permalink]

Well, it is "head to head"
Kerry uses his head to talk out of...
Edwards uses his head to talk as well....
So does George Stephanopolous....
Ergo, "Head to head"

posted by: Jay C. on 02.21.04 at 03:53 PM [permalink]


I've heard both Kerry and Edwards speak. Neither is speaking out of their head.

posted by: Stephen Macklin on 02.21.04 at 03:53 PM [permalink]

hey they're just "sexing up", of course thats another name for "lies" at least for some people...

posted by: lucklucky on 02.21.04 at 03:53 PM [permalink]

While they were not head to head, the format put together by ABC was actually very good for seeing a side by side comparison of each candidate's stand on issues.

Sure they hyped it a bit, but it was a very well done show.

posted by: Rich on 02.21.04 at 03:53 PM [permalink]

I agree with Rich. I watched it, and I thought it was a very clever way for ABC to give the audience a Kerry-Edwards debate. Kerry came across as thoughtful but a bit mired in the details. Edwards was surprisingly good but (not surprisingly) had less to say on foreign policy.

posted by: Sarah on 02.21.04 at 03:53 PM [permalink]

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