Sunday, February 22, 2004

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Yet another reason to procrastinate

That whole universe-collapsing-upon-itself fear I have on occasion appears to be unfounded.

posted by Dan on 02.22.04 at 12:10 PM


Nah, it'll just expand until it reaches heat death. Such a cheery thought, eh?

Someone wake me up when they can explain the Pioneer anomalies, please.


posted by: Myria on 02.22.04 at 12:10 PM [permalink]

It only happens when you aren't looking.

posted by: Waffle on 02.22.04 at 12:10 PM [permalink]

Not a high point in the history of journalism, but then cosmology stories rarely are.

I love it when they say "It might percolate from empty space, as Einstein theorized, and is unchanging and of a fixed strength."

Just like, er, coffee?

No-one has a good theory for this stuff, so any attempts at predictions for the far future are pretty well useless. The only comfort is that if you believe in pure induction then whatever will happen will happen extremely slowly.

Regarding the Pioneer, you might cast a glance at .

posted by: Thomas Dent on 02.22.04 at 12:10 PM [permalink]

Dont be too sure. Something may well appear down the road that will turn even this on its head. Its happened before, even happened before to this same question. If dark energy has varied its strength in the past, it can vary in the future. We may yet have a big crunch to look forward to. Its so much more beautiful from a symetrical pov.

posted by: Mark Buehner on 02.22.04 at 12:10 PM [permalink]

As I understand it, the risk is now that it may all go poof in a puff of smoke. And we are such stuff as dreams are made of...

posted by: Robert Schwartz on 02.22.04 at 12:10 PM [permalink]

I bet somebody will find a way to blame Bush.

posted by: Alan K. Henderson on 02.22.04 at 12:10 PM [permalink]

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